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Apr 17, 2014

Quinceanera Planning

We love the meaning behind a Quinceanera, so meaningful. We also love how colorful and beautiful the event can be! It’s easy to find Quinceanera dresses online, but we had a hard time finding themes or decorating ideas, so we thought we’d make our own. 

This theme is all about color: bold, bright, and beautiful! A little creativity turns (inexpensive) ordinary items into show-stopping decor that your friends will be talking about for months afterwards! Cover the ceiling in twisted streamer paper, make glamorous crowns from pipe cleaner, or pin balloons to the lawn using golf tees. After that, add a couple focal points, like a photo booth wall or fancy piñatas and tassels! Happy Quince planning!

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Apr 16, 2014

Inspired By Desert Botanical Garden & CHIHULY Exhibit

We were blown away by the juxtaposing beauty we found at the Desert Botanical Garden, outside of Phoenix, Arizona. The collection of desert plants was beautifully tended and cultivated. The integration of the Chihuly In The Garden exhibit was perfectly executed. The glass sculptures and installations enhanced the environment unlike any other art exhibit we’ve seen. 

The exhibit is running through May 18, 2014, so if you get the chance, go get inspired for yourself. 

Apr 14, 2014 / 1 note

Sweet 16!

Life is beautiful, so why not celebrate!? We loved creating the Pink, Gold, Cream, and Blackberry Sweet 16 theme above. Aren’t those blackberry drinks the coolest!? Adding the black and white striped table runner adds a dash of tre chic sophistication to the girly pinks. What is more fun then the highlights of gold in the piñata? And the gold dripping down the cake with the sparkler candles! If gold isn’t your thing, you could easily swap it with silver to achieve the same look! 

(Links can be found on our Pinterest.)

This second Sweet 16 theme is all about the fashion forward girl who know what she wants. Mint, Orchid, and Goldenrod are just of a few of the fairy jewel tones she’s attracted to. This look is all about the whimsical details- from the glitter manicure, to confetti, to the mismatched vases of flowers on the table. The Radiant Purple Party In A Box would give this party a head start, or make your own with the Multi-Colored Piñata & Confetti Kit. The mint ice cream cake takes center stage (behind the birthday girl, of course) with it’s yummy minty color!

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Apr 11, 2014

Color Series: Gold Metallic

Gold Metallic: our greatest and gaudiest color option.

It takes a special person to love Gold Metallic. Only the truly fabulous can harness it’s powers and work it from a statement piece to a casual detail. You know who you are.

Our Gold Metallic is very reflective, so it adapts to the colors around it. If your wedding or home decor needs a warm glow pick-me-up, Gold Metallic is your go to gal!

When in doubt, always go for the gold. 

Apr 9, 2014 / 2 notes

Inspired By Salvation Mountain

We stumbled upon Salvation Mountain on our last day in California. If you’ve ever seen or read Into The Wild, you’ll be familiar with the time Christopher McCandless spent here and at The Slabs. It’s just East of the Salton Sea (which is another interesting place) and a little South of Coachella. The next time you’re in Southern California, make the effort to take a day trip out to see the offbeat charm of Salvation Mountain. It was totally inspiring, and we’re still processing the experience.  

Apr 4, 2014

Color Series: Silver Metallic

We love to see our Piñatas in Silver Metallic because they are so versatile.

They look stunning on their own: bold, clean, beautiful statement pieces.

They are very reflective (similar to a mirror) so they take on the colors surrounding them, like a chameleon. If you’re not sure what color to get for your home, event, or party, Silver Metallic is your best bet. 

They’re like disco balls… (they sparkle, they’ll shine onto the walls if the light hits them right, they can spin)… that you can fill with candy and treats. And that’s awesome.

Apr 2, 2014

Road Recap: California

For the last two weeks, we’ve been in breezy Californy.

We started out in the Bay Area, where it was warm enough to sit by the pool while our piñatas dried in the breeze. Now that’s something we can get used to. We’d like to announce that Prospect Goods is relocating poolside. 

It was a fun surprise to see designlovefest share the piñatas they received from us to the world. Their picture was so perfect! We thought we did good in the picture department until we saw this. Bri’s the bomb!

The next day began our designlovefest giveaway, which was a customized Party In A Box and our first giveaway of 2014. Fun to watch and to send one lucky person a reason to celebrate!

We moved further South and spent our second week in the LA area. Our favorite project of the week was a Custom Piñata Kit Four Pack we created for a bride having a black and copper themed wedding. 

A final stop at Salvation Mountain sent inspiration coursing through our veins! We’ll share some pictures of it next week!

Mar 31, 2014

The Power Of White Paint

I visited the Crystal Room in the Ashland Springs Hotel this winter. The room is small but lovely, with a tall ceiling and modern crystal chandelier. I’d describe the decor as Moroccan Colonial. I loved the brass accents amongst the neutral sea colors. 

What stood out to me most was their wall treatment. It looked like they found matching room dividers, like the 70s style ones you see in an Import store, painted them solid white, then hung them edge to edge along the walls. It turned a dated piece of furniture into an exotic and modern wall detail. 

I’d like to recreate this look someday. I also thought hippie beads, like the kind you hang in a doorway, could have a similar transformation, with just a little imagination and a lot of white paint.  

Mar 28, 2014

Color Series: Copper Metallic

Copper Metallic is our baby. It’s our new color option for 2014 and just in time, because Copper is hot this year!

Copper is a unisex color. Men and women have responded to our Copper Piñatas equally, so if you’re looking for a decor compromise, this should make everyone happy. It’s the warmest of our color selections, and sure to bring a smile.

Since it’s the trendiest kid on our block, it looks great with the trendy Tassel Tail Add On. It’s the perfect look for a wedding or party, when you want to pump up the celebrating factor! 

Mar 24, 2014

Natural Beauty

These are some of our favorite posts from our Instagram lately. Natural beauty looks simple, but it’s all about the details. 

Mar 21, 2014

Color Series: Matte Black

Do you think you’re too cool for a piñata? Well, you’re not, but you might be cool enough to get a piñata in Matte Black. 

It’s our coolest color by far, and looks amazing on our Bling and Diamond Piñatas. Inspired by all the cool guys and the motorcycle we wish we had.

Mar 19, 2014


Bri and the team at designlovefest is giving away a Party In A Box customized just for their readers and valued at over $250!

Head over to their blog to enter to win win win!!!

Mar 17, 2014

Inspired by America

We are taking Prospect Goods on the road and traveling the US for the next few months! We won’t be setting up roadside stand, just thought this picture would be funny, but we will be teaching workshops! (If you’re in the Dallas area, come to our Cinco de Mayo event!)

We’re literally attempting a loop of the US. I’m looking forward to hiking the Grand Canyon, getting some vintage boots in Texas, swimming off the Florida Keys, going to a Broadway play, and of course, meeting you! Reach out if you see us in your area. We’d love to do a custom installation, teach a workshop, or just meet you for coffee. 

Mar 12, 2014

Inspired by Forest City

Our friends at Forest City are killing it. They’re furniture makers, designers, creators, and so much more. We’ve shared business ideas and tips and dreams over countless dinners and drinks. Creating a business is hard work, and it’s been so comforting to swap ideas within the safety of friends. It’s an honor to call Forest City our friends. Check out their amazing work and watch them grow.